SAP Materials Management (MM)

Inventory management and purchasing processes made easy

Briefly explained


With MM, you record all stock levels and goods movements in real time. They evaluate availabilities and create long-term planning security through forward-looking procurement.


Goods movements are recorded in MM and posted to the accounts of the FI module. This way, you benefit from fully integrated, standardized inventory management that enables efficient warehouse management.


Improve business processes and materials management with seven specific sub-modules that are compatible with each other. Use automated inventory tasks to identify and correct inventory inconsistencies.

The basic framework of materials management

Materials management is considered a meta-module. It enables purchasing and procurement as well as inventory management and stocktaking. The SAP MM module is used to maintain and manage the material masters. It lays the foundations for the modules that build on it.

Write us your need and we will find a solution. Write us your need, we will find the solution.

Your advantages

Cost savings in warehousing and procurement

With real-time data, you maintain full control over your inventories and goods movements. Automated processes increase efficiency, enable targeted communication with suppliers and on-time processing.

Process reliability in materials management

Standardization in SAP MM with the integrated solutions ensures that your work processes are stable and robust. In this way, you increase the reliability of your material flows and benefit from the advantages of digital technologies.

The SAP MM submodules

With seven submodules, SAP MM offers compatibility with other important business areas. The holistic approach enables further optimization.

  • Purchase Order Management (MM-PUR) to manage purchase order processes. They place orders, manage suppliers and keep an eye on delivery dates and costs.
  • Purchasing Organization (PO) to manage purchasing processes. You manage quotations, create purchase orders, select suppliers and view their conditions.
  • Inventory Management (IM) to track and verify stock movements and inventory levels.
  • Material Movements (MM-MOV) for managing material movements in the warehouse.
  • Material master data (MDM) to capture and store the relevant information such as prices, order operations and storage location.
  • Material Valuation (MM-VAL) to valuate materials and inventories, and calculate costs.
  • Invoice Verification (MM-IV) to check, approve and manage invoices.

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