Digital signatures in SAP

Digital signatures in SAP

Submit documents using Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign in ERP

At a glance


You submit documents and contact information from SAP ERP to Adobe Acrobat Sign / DocuSign for signing. The work steps are carried out from a single mold.

Legally secure

For business documents such as orders and contracts, integration gives you an orderly and structured work process that is legally compliant.


You save the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents. The signature is immediately stored in the digital documents.

More customer satisfaction with eSignature

With our SAP integration for Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign, you create added value for your company and for your customers: Contractual partners also benefit from a modern, legally compliant, and digitized process.

Your advantages


Use Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign to accelerate your signature business processes by up to 50 percent. You sign machine-generated documents from the SAP system “on the fly”.


The documents remain in the SAP ecosystem. Whether it’s an order, dispatch or goods receipt, the system saves signed documents directly in the associated document store.


Your internal administrative processes thus remain up-to-date, clear and structured. This way, you benefit from a well-maintained database in which important documents can be found quickly.


SAP eSignature with Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign enables multiple transactions. Automated transmission allows you to repeat this process as often as you like without any intervention on your part.

Symbiosis from two worlds

SAP ERP and Adobe Acrobat Sign / DocuSign do not harmonize natively. With our integration, you connect both systems and get the best out of them.

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Our promise


We integrate Adobe Acrobat Sign or Docu Sign on the fly. Your business processes remain unaffected until go-live and benefit directly from efficient work steps.


We have extensive experience with the interface and guaranteed a smooth implementation. The integration in the long run runs stably and helps you in the long run.


We will help you with the setup after integration. This gives you the assurance that the automated work steps are aligned with your business processes.

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